Testimonial – Bedok

Parent’s Testimonial.

Shabdha Sriram, 7 Years Old, Pre-Basic
It has been a privilege and a great journey for Shabdha to be a part of the global art family.
The teachers have played a pivotal role in her growth and improvement. Our hearty thanks to all the teachers esp. Teacher Tiffany, Mdm. Lam and Teacher Regina who played a major role in molding her. With Teachers so inspiring and encouraging, it undoubtedly is, one of the best places to learn art and kindle creativity in kids.

We wish and hope to a see a holistic artist budding out of her, both in terms of drawing as well different forms of coloring. The journey so far has been every enriching for Shabdha and for us, as parents. Looking forward to many more accomplishments and fun filled learning in the future.
Happy 15th anniversary Global Art!

– Parents of Shabdha Sriram –


Sohni Patra, 11 Years Old, Level 3
Sohni has been going to global art for the last 3 years. Her drawings are getting better even in school project she has become more creative and detailed.

She is now able to express herself better and helps her to have a creative hobby in her leisure time. Her confidence level is also rising after going to several competitions in Global Art.

Despite being her first time participating the International Competition, Sohni won 5th Runner-Up (Group C) in the most recent international Art Competition 2017. Thank you Global Art and Happy 15th anniversary!

– Parents of Sohni Patra –


Tejasvi Suresh, 7 Years Old, Foundation 3
Would highly recommend Global Art Bedok. We are happy to be a part of it. My daughter has an excellent class progress. I’m amazed at how importance is given to student ideas and how patient the teachers are with the students. The small class size helps with individual attention. Thank you, Teachers and Global Art, Happy 15th anniversary to you!

– Nagalakshmi Suresh, Parents of Tejasvi Suresh


Ooi Wan Jing, 6 Years Old, Foundation 3
Happy 15th anniversary Global Art! Would like to thank you, Global Art Teachers from Bedok Branch, for keeping up with my daughter’s good work and interest in arts. Now even when she draws at home, after drawing she will try to colours it by blending in the colours even if she is not using oil pastel.

– Sim Kui Ping, Parents of Ooi Wan Jing –