Testimonial – Hougang

Parent’s Testimonial.

Enna Tan, 9 yrs old, Level 1
Since the age of 3, Enna loves to draw and paint. As parents, of course we praised her, gave her our encouragement and paste her “master pieces” all over the living room wall. As she grew older, she started to realize that art isn’t just about drawing a few stick people and painting as many colours as she likes on the paper…. We then enrolled her into Global Art which she begins her journey of learning the skills of colouring, outlining and even rendering & scraping. She hopes that someday her skills in art can help her fulfil her dream to become an Architect. Happy 15th birthday Global Art Singapore.

– Parents of Enna Tan–


Leah Elizabeth Robin, 9 Years Old, Level 1
I came to knew about Global Art through one of my friends. Leah joined the F3 program at GlobalArt and most importantly, her colouring skills got improved (learnt techniques such as colour blending,scraping ..etc) She enjoys her art lessons and gets individual attention. We are very appreciative of teachers who have taken time to explain and provide guidelines to our child about her drawings, themes and learning objectives. She has become more confident and started exploring with her art materials. There is a great atmosphere and a friendly feeling between the teachers and students! Happy 15th birthday Global Art Singapore.

– Parents of Leah Elizabeth Robin –


Chua Wen Qian, 12 Years Old, Level 5
I enjoyed going to Global Art classes as they are relaxing and fun, yet building up my patience, knowledge, creativity and adding colours to my life. Despite having PSLE this year, I still want to continue my Global Art classes and I want to join the International Art Competition at the end of the year. The art classes and preparation for the in-house, national & international competitions are not making me more stressed but rather they help in de-stressing……. yeah. Happy 15th Anniversary Global Art Singapore!

– Chua Wen Qian, Student –


Vanessa Ler, Parents of Chua Wen Qian
Wen Qian joined Global Art when she is 4 years old, I was first impressed with the trial that she has attended, an orange that looks so 3D. I am even more impressed now that her art creativity and skills have improved tremendously that in the recent years she can even join International Art Competition. It was really a great eye opener for Wen Qian. I never regret letting her attend classes in Global Art. Happy 15th Anniversary Global Art Singapore!

– Vanessa Ler, Parents of Chua Wen Qian –


Ashleigh Ong, 10 Years Old, Level 3
“Ashleigh felt that she had grown more confident through the competitions she had participated over the years. She is able to point out the progress she made each time and feels a strong sense of achievement; not merely due to the trophies or medals, but because of her ability to express herself more sophisticatedly through the art form.
I feel that this capacity for self-reflection and awareness is important. All too often, society is too concerned with wins and losses, often overlooking that progress is a continuous process. This growth process should continue through life, regardless of competitions; in spite of competitions.
I’m glad that this program enabled her to gain this life skill from such a young age. Such lessons are “caught”, not “taught”, and Global Art offers the opportunities to “catch” such lessons. “ Happy 15th Anniversary Global Art Singapore.

– Loreana Chew, Parents of Ashleigh Ong –